Rapid Engineering and Maintenance Solutions - REMS

Rapid Engineering and Maintenance Solutions - REMS

  • • Rapid Engineering and Maintenance Solutions – REMS company aim is to provide engineering and maintenance solutions as well as construction services to Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power Generation and other General Industry sectors, in Turkey and in region.

    • REMS company relies on its own rich experience acquired for years  on one hand, and partner companies (Flowserve, Ethos Energy and VOITH Turbo), world leaders in manufacturing and servicing rotating equipment for the world’s most critical applications, on the other hand.



Generator stator (New product: Design, Manufacturing; Upgrades: Longer life cycle, Improved output ratings; Troubleshooting: Mobile diagnostic teams; Repairs, Rewinds: Scheduled routine rewinds, Emergency rewinds; Reverse Engineering) […]

Non-Destructive Testing (Dye penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Phased Array, Edicurrent, Boresonic, Ultrasonic); Rotor Services (Rotor straightening, Blade repair & replacement, Journal repairs, Seal replacement, Rotor Balancing (HSB / LSB), Advanced rotor welding);[…]

Rotor inspections (Incoming Inspection, Non-destructive testing (NDT), Magnetic Particle, Dye penetrant, Ultrasonic, Dimensional inspections, Rotor run-out, Mechanical run-out check, Electrical run-out check, Rotor dis-/re-assembly, Repair recommendations, Rotor balance checks, Rotor low & high speed balance) […]

Partnership with companies Flowserve, EthosEnergy and VOITH enables REMS to bring most contemporary engineering and aftersales solutions to customer’s site and help them addressing their most pressing challenges:[…]

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