• Rotor inspections (Incoming Inspection, Non-destructive testing (NDT), Magnetic Particle, Dye penetrant, Ultrasonic, Dimensional inspections, Rotor run-out, Mechanical run-out check, Electrical run-out check, Rotor dis-/re-assembly, Repair recommendations, Rotor balance checks, Rotor low & high speed balance);
  • Rotor repairs (Shaft weld repairs, Impeller weld repairs, Component weld restoration, Chromium plating, Metal spraying (HVOF), Laser cladding, Coating of impellers);
  • Advanced weld repairs (Sealing locations, Bearing journals, Coupling tapers, Balance drums, Thrust collars, Impeller eye seal areas, Stub shaft welding)
  • Diaphragm/stationary repairs
  • Rapid Reverse Engineering
  • Retrofit parts
  • Reverse Engineered parts (Complete Rotors, Shafts, Impellers, Balance drums, Thrust disks, Sleeves, Diaphragms, Labyrinth seals)
  • Field Inspection Services (Troubleshooting, Performance Assessments, Technical Assistance, Optical Alignment & Checks, Inspections Surveys, Major Overhauls, Start-up and Commissioning, Condition Monitoring, Spare Parts Management, Maintenance Contracts, Third Party Advise)
  • Unit Overhauls
  • Troubleshooting
  • Unit Re-rates / Re-designs
  • Dry Gas Seal Upgrade
  • Labyrinth / Brush Seals
  • Low & High Speed Balancing (Low – Rotor balance, Impeller balance, Field balancing; High – Rotor operating speed balance, Rotor overspeed test, Rotor check balance, Max RPM: 30,000 under vacuum, Max Weight: 22,7 t)

                                       ….regardless of Original Equipment Manufacturer

Dresser, Cooper, Solar, GE, MHI, Mitsui, Sulzer, Thermodyn, Creusot Loire, Elliott / Ebara, MAN / GHH, Borsig, Nuovo Pignone