• Pump general overhauling (disassembly, cleaning, inspection (dimensions measurements, run outs, OEM spare parts supply or
    reverse engineering, assembly, pre-commissioning commissioning, start-up, operation monitoring, full overhauling report);
  • Mechanical seal maintenance (disassembly,repair, spare parts supply, assembly, commissioning, start up);
  • Mechanical seal system (flushing, cleaning, pressurizing as per API, condition monitoring, cooling system cleaning, commissioning);
  • Shaft alignment (laser, face and rim method as well as reverse alignment with dial gages);
  • Bearings maintenance;
  • Lube oil system flushing and monitoring;
  • Pump and mechanical seal preventive maintenance (checking operational data, cleaning of filters, strainers and orifice, checking shaft alignment, base plate anchor bolts looseness, soft foot, leakages, noise, vibrations, temperatures, etc.);
  • Troubleshooting;
  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis);
  • Vibration Analysis;
  • Condition monitoring;
  • Spare parts supply and inventory (Rapid Reverse Engineering and Retrofit parts);
  • Pump upgrades and modifications (re-ratings, compliance to API610 newest edition, etc.);
  • New pumps and mechanical seals delivery;
  • Life cycle analysis;
  • Reliability improvement (bad actor management, technical assessments, RCA, training, upgrades (RVX programs, etc.));
  • Field services.


  • Upgrade Solution (RVX+Mechanical Seal)
  • ATEX- / Safety coverage
  • Support System Supply
  • Coupling & Coupling Guard
  • Interconnecting Pipework
  • High quality repair and rework of pumps incl. hydraulic Upgrades
  • Hydrostatic Test of each pump
  • Installation of New Equipment (Laser Alignment, Filling with Oil, make Equipment ready for Purpose)
  • Documentation according Customer Specification
  • Startup Support and RCA if needed

RVX program benefits:

  • Full compliance with API 610
  • Increased seal life
  • High parts interchangeability
  • Applicable to any overhung pump, regardless of the OEM
  • Increased reliability
  • Eliminate cooling water
  • No disturbance piping
  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduced lead time