Industrial Furnace Coating Applications

NASA licensed coating materials of our Solution Partner Emisshield are applied to the furnace surfaces and increase the emissivity values ​​of the surfaces. Emisshield products have an emissivity value between 0.85 and 0.95.

Features of the increase in emissivity;

  • Heat transfer increases
  • Furnace fuel consumption is reduced
  • Furnace preheating and downtime are reduced
  • Furnace efficiency increases
  • Reduces maintenance costs by protecting refractories

Emisshield prevents thermal energy from being transmitted through the furnace walls. Our products are used in many industries including Refinery/Petrochemistry, Iron Steel, Ceramic/Tile/Brick, Glass Packaging and heat treatment.

Emisshield Features:

  • Thermal Resistance up to -1700°C
  • 230°C(-392°F)-1500°C(2732°F) (t=3sec) Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Adhesion Strength up to 5000 PSI (345 Bar)
  • 2.0(50µ) Mils-4.0 Mil(100µ) Application Thickness
  • High Emissivity Value in the range of -0.85-0.95

Emisshield is applied in many companies of the world. Petkim A.Ş. and Eti A.Ş. Besides, we have many applications in Europe.